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Video: The Most Productive Dump Truck for Asphalt Paving
The typical asphalt paving job site will have several types of dump trucks hauling asphalt from the plant to the paver. If you've never measured the total asphalt delivered by each individual truck type, you're probably unaware of how much more (or less) productive some trucks are than others. Short tandem and tri-axle dump trucks seem so quick (they get in and out of the paver the fastest), you might figure they make up for their smaller payloads with their speed. And dump trailers, although they can really throw a wrench into the whole paving operation with their backup times, haul so much asphalt with each load that the slowdowns are probably worthwhile, right? Actually, if you break down the numbers, Super Dumps are the most productive dump trucks for asphalt paving, increasing paving production by as much as 34% compared to those other types of trucks that may appear equally productive. And with increased production comes an even greater increase in profits. We break down those numbers for you in this video.
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Some of our videos calculate or estimate the revenue or profit earned, with our dump truck products as well as other products for comparison purposes. The revenue amounts calculated in these videos are for illustrative purposes, based on realistic estimates for the necessary variables (payload, earnings per ton, number of deliveries per day, paver speed, etc) to perform the calculation. The allowed gross vehicle weight (GVW) for each type of truck is based on the Federal Bridge Formula. The actual revenue any dump truck (including a Super Dump) earns can be more or less than what is illustrated in these videos, depending on the specific variables for that truck and the hauling job, including its payload, the actual revenue earned per unit of payload, and so forth. Additionally, some of our videos show reinvesting a portion of the revenue earned into buying additional Super Dumps, and the revenue figures used there are based on the same example revenue calculations earlier in the video. Your actual revenue and reinvestment portion may be more or less than what is shown, and the actual cost for each Super Dump will vary based on your cost for the truck, the options included in your Super Dump package, and the pricing at the time of purchase. We encourage you to break out your calculator and run the numbers for yourself, using your current truck's payload, your typical revenue earned per ton delivered, your days worked per year, and so forth, and realistically compare how your revenue will increase with the additional delivered payload provided by a Super Dump.

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