No dump truck delivers more payload than a Strong Superdump®.
7-axle Super Dump Truck black body dumping
Super Dumps - The name of the game is PAYLOAD!
Strong Industries - Creators of the Super Dump® Truck System.

In 1989, Strong Industries invented the Superdump® (Super Dump): the most productive, efficient, and profitable dump truck on the road. With the Strong Arm® trailing axle, Super Dumps can haul the biggest payloads of all straight trucks (payloads equal to trailers), while maintaining the quickness and maneuverability of a short wheelbase tandem truck. This unique combination of payload and quickness results in the Super Dump owner consistently delivering the most material in the least time compared to every other type of dump truck. Watch a few of our informative new videos to learn more about how the Super Dump maximimizes profits for its owner.

At Strong Industries, we possess the most valuable tool in manufacturing: experience. Today the latest Strong Superdump® system is the most reliable, durable, and easy-to-use system we've ever produced. Our newest dump body is stronger than ever before, and will easily outlast any of our previous bodies, while the newest Strong Arm® has received a boost in lateral stability as it continues to be the lightest-weight, safest, most consistent, and most reliable trailing axle that exists. Plus our new IntelliTruck® Control System makes operating the dump system incredibly easy while delivering far more functionality with even greater reliability. Most importantly, the latest Strong Super Dump system continues to haul more payload than any other straight truck, and, even more today than ever before, continues to be the most profitable dump truck in the industry.

More Than Just Super Dumps!

We manufacture and sell all types of straight dump trucks. While the Super Dump is typically the best option for anyone seeking a profit-boosting workhorse, we realize there are some states where (due to state laws or special exemptions) a regular truck like a tri-axle, quad, or Simple 16 dump truck is a practical & cost-effective option for our customers. Plus, even in other states, many dump truck operations and fleet owners simply like to have one or two little bobtail-style dump trucks on hand for special lighter-duty jobs. If what you need is a regular tandem-axle dump truck (or tri-axle, quad-axle, or quint), we're happy to set you up with one of our new Mule® or Strong Box® dump bodies. And regardless of whether your truck is a regular dump truck or a Super Dump, we can equip it with our IntelliTruck control system, so that you can reap the time- and money-saving benefits that come with the most advanced control system in the industry.

Check out our current inventory of new & used dump trucks for sale.

Or call us at 281-847-9304 or toll free 1-800-229-1012 so that we can spec out your next truck for a Super Dump, or customize a Super Dump or regular dump truck system for you!

Video: What is a Super Dump?
Even those who know what a Super Dump is often don't completely understand why and how it's the most productive and profitable dump truck on the road. This video breaks down the weight laws and how the Strong Arm trailing axle transforms a normal dump truck into a Super Dump.
Video Playlist: The Super Dump vs Other Dump Trucks
To appreciate the increased payloads that a Strong Super Dump provides, you really need to see the numbers broken down and compared on paper -- the money numbers (earnings, revenue, profits). This playlist includes videos where we compare the Super Dump to each of the other types of dump trucks: tandem, tri-axle, quad, quint, and dump trailer.
More Super Dump Videos
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