Super Dumps
Just 1 ton of payload can mean over $100,000 over the life of your truck.

Welcome to Strong Industries - Creators of the Super Dump® Truck System.

In 1989, Strong invented the Super Dump®. Since that date Strong has equipped over 5000 Super Dumps® with our patented Strong Arm Trailing Axle. That is more than 95% of all Super Dumps®.

Our Super Dump® system can achieve up to 32 tons of payload - that's incredible! The only trailing axle that works in all road equipment; the only trailing axle that is legal in all Bridge Law states; the Super Dump® system does the work of a short dump truck and hauls the payload of a trailer. With over one-half billion customer miles, Strong Industries possesses the most powerful tool in manufacturing...EXPERIENCE !

When it comes to profitability, the STRONG SuperDump® is the best system for Asphalt and Concrete paving, as well as for spreading, stockpiling, and wind rowing operations - bar none. THE STRONG SUPERDUMP TRUCK outperforms tandem dumps, tri-axles, quad-axles, triple pushers or quints, bobtails, dump-trailers, end dumps, transfers, pup trailers, belly dumps, and live bottoms.

Video: What is a Super Dump?
Even those who know what a Super Dump is often don't completely understand why and how it's the most productive and profitable dump truck on the road. This video breaks down the weight laws and how the Strong Arm trailing axle transforms a normal dump truck into a Super Dump.
Video Playlist: The Super Dump vs Other Dump Trucks
To appreciate the increased payloads that a Strong Super Dump provides, you really need to see the numbers broken down and compared on paper -- the money numbers (earnings, revenue, profits). This playlist includes videos where we compare the Super Dump to each of the other types of dump trucks: tandem, tri-axle, quad, Simple 16, and dump trailer.
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